Automate download of pornsites and pornstars

Usenet Feb 03, 2021

Do you want to automate your porn downloads? lets you mark your favorite pornsites and pornstars. So when you use the search you can quickly filter by them.

But thats not all. You can use the rss feeds to automatically download only videos from your favorite pornsites or pornstars in sabnzbd (or any other rss feed capable usenet downloader). If you include the rss feed in sabnzbd, it will download all new releases listed on the rss feed.

Once you setup your feed in sabnzbd, new entries in the feed will automatically be downloaded.

But what about duplicates? Every pornvideo is listed only once in the feed. But yes if the video is released again after some time, the video might appear again in the feed list. We currently do not know which videos you successfully downloaded or already have on disk. We are currently working on solutions for this disadvantage. If you are not on a tight bandwith budget it probably does not matter to have some duplicates, and sabnzbd also can prevent you from downloading some of the obvious duplicates in the first place.


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