Best nzb indexer for adult content - let's look at stats

Usenet Jun 09, 2021

When it come to nzb indexers an often question is which indexer has the most content and what indexer you should use to get the best download results.

We want to give an answer to this question for adult related content and look at some stats.

To find an answer we first looked at the overall releases each indexer offered in the last 30 days:

Total number of releases (HD and then UHD)

So here it seems that the first two indexers have double the porn releases in comparision to the others. That seems off.

So we took a sample:

Sample for one specific video

It's easy to see that nzbfinder and drunkenslug have the same HD and UHD releases as the others, just uploaded multiple times.

So we looked at the total video count (every video release is counted just once per indexer - only 1080p releases):

Number of videos in 1080p

Now you can see that all indexers have pretty much the same number of videos in 1080p quality.

Number of videos in 2160p

Looking at 2160p videos is pretty much the same except that abnzb has no 2160p releases at all.


Whether you use nzbgeek, nzbporn, nzbfinder or drunkenslug in regard to porn nzb files is up to you. Only abnzb lacks 2160p releases and is therefor not a good choice.

We recommend you use multiple indexers because even the top indexers have downtimes or even longer periods of downtime and there is always the possibility an indexer vanishes completely.

Using gives you the perfect opportunity to keep multiple indexers in check and to get the best previews for porn nzb.

Downloading nzb files from nzbporn is included with so you can start right away even if you do not have any other indexer yet.


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