pdbMate enables autodownload feature

pdbMate enables autodownload feature

Finally the open source tool called pdbmate that is build upon the porndb.me API is able to automate your usenet porn downloads.

That's really fantastic news since there no similiar solution out there that enables you to download porn in autopilot mode and add your preferred actors and sites from a simple website interface (app.porndb.me).

Imagine the amout of time you can save when this little commandline helper tool downloads the latest releases of your favorite pornsites and pornstars. And even better you can let it rename your downloaded videos so that they are sorted in folders (one for each pornsite). This is one of the many use-cases we built porndb.me for.

pdbMate is building the brigde between the porndb.me cloud service and your local desktop or server setup.

What does the pdbMate download function do in detail?

  • pdbMate asks the porndb.me API with your API key what favorite sites and actors you have on record.
  • It checks the directories you specified in the appsettings.json and builds a list of videos you already have on disk.
  • Then it asks the porndb.me API about new releases from your indexers (only those you have an api key on record with on porndb.me).
  • Then it adds nzb files to either sabnzbd or nzbget for releases that you do not have on disk yet.

Why is this better than simple RSS feeds?

The major advantage with pdbMate download function in comparison to rss feeds is you do not get duplicates at all and you can specify prefered video qualities (video resolution).

Once you configured pdbMate correctly on your downloading machine, you can manage your favorite sites and stars on porndb.me and the rest is done automatically by pdbMate and your usenet downloader.

Configured correctly you now have an autodownload functionality setup for porn from usenet. As far as we know this has never been accompished before. Custom rss feeds where the best option you had until now.

Getting started

Download pdbMate from github