pdbMate v0.1 Alpha released

pdbMate - the sonarr of porn

pdbMate v0.1 Alpha released

We just released the first version of our pdbMate command line tool to support renaming and sorting.

Release Version 0.1 Alpha Release ยท pdbme/pdbMate
Releasenotes Renaming is working and stableCode refactored

This release focused on the ability to rename and sort your downloaded porn videos from sabnzbd and sort them in folders that are named after the pornsites they came from.

Inside the target folder the renamed and sorted files contain the porndb video id so the file can be easily recognised and matched against the porndb database.

If you want to test the already stable renaming part, goto github and download one of the release zip files either for linux (x64) or windows (x64). We can also generate x86 later on when the version gets more stable overall.

What's coming next?

We are currently working on connecting pdbMate and sabnzbd so you can download only the stuff that is missing in your disk. pdbMate aims to become the sonarr for porn (without the UI part).

Will there be an UI?

Probably not. You can use app.porndb.me to organize your favorite pornsites and porn actors. pdbMate once setup correctly on your downloading machine will take care of downloading and sorting videos automatically. Plex or other media managers can be then used to view your porn collection.