What you can to with porndb: Look at preview images and then download nzbs you want to download.

Currently you are on our blog, but the real deal (our main website or you can call it app too) is located at

Downloading porn videos from Usenet always lacked preview images and there is no organizing of releases by an actual single video release that gets a unique id. If you search 0-day releases for BlacksOnBlonde from 22.06.28 with Savannah Bond you get lots of releases with different video quality. In other usenet sections like movies or TV you have ids supplied by IMDB, TVDB or - but for porn there is not id system until now. We are trying to change that.

So we combined usenet indexers data with preview images and a very nice and clean user interface. To make it even easier, we fully integrated with nzbporn and you can download nzb files directly with a newly registered account. So you basically do not need your own indexer account to get started.

If you regularly want to download porn from usenet you can visit the app and check the newest releases.

Filtering options

Make sure to use the filter options on top of the page as you may only want releases shown from indexers you are able to download nzbs from and you may want a certain video quality.

We build this app following some key principles:

  • lots of images - porn is all about viewing, so the main goal is to provide you with preview material before you download stuff. No other usenet indexer offers so many preview material for porn like we do. Most of them do not even bother to offer any images.
  • building a huge sorted database of porn
  • mobile first - even though most people will use our site on a desktop, the design is optimized for both mobile and desktop.
  • no ads, but paid membership tiers to support further development and running costs
  • api access - we want to support an ecosystems of tools that can be build on top of our api